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Boys and Their Habits.

By briniss11 Mar 13, 2011 1143 Words
Boys and girls are different from each other. They are not only physically different but they have some very different habits. Girls find these differences in habits to be anything from annoying to disgusting. A list of a few habits girls pay attention are when the boys adjust themselves, have selective hearing, have a lack of focus, do not pick up after themselves, are not very observant , or have wandering eyes. Boys feel that their actions are a talent and girl views the actions as bad manners. Boys burp, fart, spit, and blow their noses in an unpleasant way. These habits are unwelcome, plain and simple. If girls walked around all day spitting while burping and leaving behind a few intestinal gasses, boys would be grossed out too. They need to go to the bathroom or keep their private little habits to themselves. Girls can, so why cannot the boys do it also? Manners just do not seem to matter to boys in public; it also does not bother them when they adjust themselves in public either. Boys adjust themselves everywhere they go. They do not care where they are or who is watching. It does not bother them if they are in the mall, in front of a crowd, or just sitting at home. The boys just cannot seem to keep away from their precious parts. Those parts will not go anywhere. If a boy needs to scratch, be discreet. Girls are not immune to the occasional itch either, but boys do not see us reaching up under our skirts for a quick fix. Boys need to go to a private room if they think they need to adjust or scratch themselves. If boys think they could manage that, they should try working on their selective hearing. Boys have selective hearing. They do not always listen. We, as girls, feel like it goes in one ear and out through the other, without them grabbing any bit of information. Girls wonder if there is something in the boy’s brains that acts like a filter. And only grabs their attention when an interesting word comes up, like food, or anything that has to do with them. Or is it just a lack of interest in what we, girls have to say? Girls can be chatty, expressive creatures, who go on and on about this and that. But boys have this ability to pick and choose what they want hear in conversations. Not only do boys have an option to pick and chose what they want to hear, but they also have a magic button that they can push to put girls on mute. Boys all look content and focused like nothing else seems to matter. Girls, on the other hand, cannot help but have at least ten things going through their minds at all times: doing the laundry, cleaning the house, doing school work, or figuring out what their next move is in life. It's frustrating that boys can simply wander off to wonderland and not have a care in the world. Until girls can master that skill, we will only be content once boys start paying attention to what we have to say. While boys are off in their wonderland they also seem to leave a little trail behind them. Whether it is taking a shower, preparing a meal, cleaning the yard, or working on a project, boys have this tendency to leave a long line of items behind them wherever they go. From clothes leading to the bathroom when girls are about to shower, to leaving dirty dishes by the sink, helping out with dinner, girls can always tell where boys are and what they have been doing. Do they do this to find their way back or maybe boys are taking certain fairy tales a little too far. Not only do boys leave a trail behind them, they also do not clean up after themselves after grooming themselves. If boys would walk into the bathroom to find tampon wrappers and little bits of leg and armpit hairs everywhere, they would probably find it somewhat bothersome. When girls find those little pieces of beard shavings stuck to the rim of the sink, or nail clippings on the floor, it is not only unpleasant, but extremely annoying for girls to clean up the boys mess. A lot of girls notice when people cut their hair but can boys be that observant, not really. It is funny how many of these "habits" seem to overlap and coincide. Not noticing a new haircut or a dress is one thing, but boys need to see past themselves and pay more attention to the girls in their lives. Who cares if there is a new rug in the living room or if she is wearing a new scent, right? It is not really that important in the grand scheme of things, but it is these little details that make life fun and exciting. Boys should open themselves up to the insignificant things. It may be quite a wise investment in the girl, whom they might love. When illness hits the boys, they tend to change their attitude. It seems that most guys tend to turn into complete babies when they are sick. They whine, they complain, and nothing is ever "right.” Girls do not mind taking care of them, but instead of them whining, they should try to appreciating what she is doing for them: making them soup, giving them medicine, or just staying with them to comfort them. Girls take care of the boys when in need and in return the boys look at other girls. Girls do noticed the wondering eyes. There are certain boys who have the magic lazy eye and casually glance at another girl just long enough so that their girlfriend doesn't catch them. Then there are other guys, the ones who carelessly whistle or holler at girls walking down the street. The majority of boys try to be tactful in eyeballing but just cannot seem to be discreet. Boys can be googly-eyed, like a cartoon character, and are extremely noticeable. Boys need to reevaluate their body language tactics. They need to quit freezing in their actions to look us girls up and down so they stop walking into people. Boys should learn the fine art of discretion.

Girls may never be able to find a boy who will completely change his habits since so many of his annoying habits seem to come naturally. There are just too many of them to fix. A girl probably can not make a boy stop adjusting himself in public, really listen and focus on her, pick up after himself, and stop checking out other girls. This is quite a long list that not even the best of girls could finish!

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