boys and girls shoul be given equal opportunities in education

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   Education is a key of success.No human begins are able to survive properly without education,especially when living in this era.Education tells men how to think,work and make a proper decision.Therefore girls should have be given  the same education as boys.         Olden people like to differentiate between girls and boys.They assumption that boys should give extra education, because in the future, boys will become the head of the family and need to provide money to their family.while for girls they should just stay at home and give an education about getting ready to marriage. This are wrong.In my personal opinion,girls should have the opportunity to excel in studies too.they should be allowed  to pursue their own interests.Giving this opportunity will  allow them to be more independent.Moreover,with this opportunity will allow the girls to support their family to have a better standard of living.Being a soul bread winner is not easy,especially when living in a development countries like Singapore. We need a partner to support you in order to improve or have a better standard of living. This can only help if the partner have the education. Hence, this had already support the statement that girls should be given akin education as boys.           Nowadays, Girls had improved a lot in term of studies.i can see many successful faces from the women side.As an example,in my classroom the Notable ones will always come from the girls.There are faces from the boys,but what i am trying to say that girls can also study and excel in education.Girls are more perfectionist and more careful towards work,and i believe that girls can do more better than boys.Girls can study everything that boys are studying.All human are born equal.God gives everyone brain,and there are no different between girls and boys brain.It is just a different how they socialized.God gives a similar brain to each of everyone of us.There are no  pretext that girls should not get the same education as...
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