Boycotting and ethical

Topics: Law, Montgomery Bus Boycott, Ethics Pages: 4 (1007 words) Published: April 29, 2014
Elaine Chen
Business Ethics Midterm paper
A successful business does not live in isolation. Instead, it merges itself into the community itself and causes the community to either succeed or fail. It has a social responsibility to not only the community it is based in, but also anyone who is directly or indirectly by the company’s actions. However, in business, there are laws that might contradict what is believed to be morally correct, which can lead to conflicts. What can a company do if it is targeted by boycotting simply because the company’s country of origin? In the article, “Battling Boycotts”, it mentions two major companies that have been subjected with boycotting, McDonald’s and Procter &Gamble Co. Both companies have high visibility and experience high intensity boycotting. McDonald’s is a brand that associates with the American way of life and when U.S supported Israel angered the Arab countries, anti-U. S boycotts started in Egypt and spread to other Arab countries. Procter & Gamble Co. created a laundry soup, Ariel and even though it was an American product, customers assumed it had an alleged Israeli connection with the name being similar to Ariel Sharon, the Israel’s prime minister and the logo resembling the six-pointed star of the Israeli flag. Companies are targeted through boycotting because people want to punish not the company, but because conflict between the company’s country of origin and the company is based in even if it is locally owned. Boycotting has been a problem to many companies and there are laws created to prevent it from happening, but some companies such as McDonald’s still meet problems daily that prevent them from doing their jobs. “Battling Boycotts” is an article written that helps give light to boycotting. It tells the companies to “remain sensitive to the changes in local sentiment that might alter its visibility or increase the threat of an aggressive boycott” In a business law...

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