Boy Who Got His Wings

Topics: Prayer, Cancer staging, Chemotherapy Pages: 3 (1131 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Katie Goodman
English 1010
Professor Bannon
Sept. 17th 2012
The Boy Who Got His Wings
Despite being in the darkest point of his life, it amazed everyone that one young man became a beacon of light and faith to the entire student body of Sullivan Central High School. On that bone-chilling December night as one simple text message began to circulate throughout the entire student section of the local basketball game, no one understood the journey that not only Bradley was about to partake in, but our entire community. From that night on, everyone was his best friend. Laid in his mother’s arms for the first time September 3rd 1992, Bradley was a nine pound five, ounce baby boy. Later growing into a tall slender young man, with magnificent brown eyes and dark brown hair. He couldn’t help but light up everyone’s face with his pearly white smile. Bradley had an immeasurable heart, full of love, faith, and gratitude. If he ever spotted someone looking gloomy or longing for affection he would walk up to them and give them the greatest hug anyone could ever ask for. He was a walking, talking, living teddy bear, or penguin as he may have preferred, and the best friend, brother or son anyone could ever ask for. On December 2nd 2008, Bradley was diagnosed with stage IV Ewing’s Sarcoma, a very rare bone cancer, which strikes young children and adolescents. A cancer that is on average only diagnosed 250 times a year. Word spread vigorously throughout the halls the following day. By the time the bell rang for lunch everyone was aware of the terrible news. Due to doctors appointments Bradley did not attend that day, however on his first day back everyone had told him that they were thinking about him and sending up prayers. By the following week our school halls were decorated with posters and signs with uplifting messages supporting Bradley. The next Wednesday, at Bradley’s church, which I also attended, he sat down with all of the youth members to talk to us about what...
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