Boy Who Cried Wolf

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The Boy who Cried Wolf
Once upon a time there was a yong shepered boy who cared for the village sheep. The boy thought being a shepered was very boring. One afternoon, while standing at the top of the hill, looked down on the village and said, “I never have any fun. The villagers get to work together, and talk, and play, but I am all alone on this hill.” Then he had an idea. “I know how to have fun,” he thought. “WOLF! WOLF! HELP! The wolf is chasing the sheep!” The hardworking people of the village heard his cry, and came running up the hill to help him. However, when the villagers reached the top of the hill, they didn’t see a wolf. The boy laughed in the excietment he caused. “Boy, don’t cry wolf, if there isnt a wolf. What is wrong with you?” said the village elder. The crowd walked away, shaking their heads. The next afternoon, the boy was caring for his sheep at the top of the hill. He watched time pass by slowly, and he said, “I am more bored today, then I was yesterday.” He remembered the excietment yesterday, watching the angry villagers faces when they got to the top of the hill. So he shouted, “WOLF! WOLF! The wolf is chasing the sheep!” again, the villagers ran to the top of the hill, and saw that the boy had tricked them yet again, and they were very angry. “Save your cries for real danger, don’t cry wolf when their isnt a wolf!” Later that night, the boy sat on the top o the hill, counting the stars. Then he looked down, and saw two red eyes. He shouted, “WOLF! WOLF! HELP!” The villagers were awaken, but decided not to help him, because they thought he was going to trick them. While the villagers went back to sleep, the wolf ate the shapered boy, and chased all the sheep away. THE END.
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