Boy Scouts of the Philippines conform to Global Scouting trends on Gender Equality
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Boy Scouts of the Philippines conform to Global Scouting trends on Gender Equality
The Boy Scouts of the Philippines’ tradition, mission, and vision was rooted from the Boy Scouts of America. BSP, chartered under Commonwealth of the Philippines Act No. 111 on October 31, 1936 superseded the Philippine Council chartered by the Boy Scouts of America in 1923 through the work of American, Chinese, and Filipino businessmen and interest groups. They’re previous belief was parallel to the BSA’s strong stance in the confinement of masculinity within the organization. But in my recent actual observations as a Boy Scout, the path of the BSP diverged from that of the BSA on the inception of the civil rights generation and third wave feminism, where gender equality is raised to the next level in civil organizations in the Philippines. Since the BSA has retained its tradition and the BSP conforms to the recent trends flexible for the new generation. This was later after the profuse issue on civil rights already circulated many countries mainly in Europe especially UK where scouting originated.
In an August 26 meeting in 2006 the BSP National Executive Board with Jejomar Binay as National President, approves the resolution accepting girls between ages 13 to 17 into their Senior Scout Program. BSP Memorandum Number 47 directs all council scout executives and officers in charge to implement the BSP resolution. The implementing guidelines require that before 13-17 years old young girls are accepted to Boy Scouts, they must first register with the Girl Scouts of the Philippines and pay the GSP fees. They must also get parental or guardian consent before they can be accepted into the BSP. That is for safety and protection purposes. The GSP council in various interviews promptly promulgates its opposition to the said memorandum as according to them it is not in agreement with the GSP Program designed for girls in preparation for womanhood and that it is nonconventional and

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