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Boy in the Stripped Pajamas Movie vs. Book

By choochoo Mar 08, 2009 616 Words
The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas
Imagine this! Becoming close friends with a boy that lives on the other side of a fence in a Nazi camp and only being able to talk to them through a fence; never being able to run around together or just play a game of tag. Well that’s what happened to a little nine year old boy named Bruno that had to move very far away for his dads work. Bruno wondered beyond the fences when he met a little boy that seemed just like himself but yet his life and circumstances were extremely different the Bruno’s. This story is both a tragic and extremely depressing book and a movie called The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas. The book and movie were both absolutely fantastic and were very much alike, but they still had some differences. The few differences between the movie and the book was, the ending of the book and movie, the perspective in which they were both told in,

One of the major differences between the book and movie is the ending of each of them. The endings are different in one major way and that is about people dying. In fact the ending of the book is much more depressing then the end of the movie because both of the boys die in the book. In the end of the book Bruno cares so much about his friend on the other side of the fence that he climbs the fence and enters the camp. He enters the camp to help the little Jewish boy find his dad, but instead something horribly tragic happens. Bruno gets mistaken by the Nazis as a Jewish boy and is thrown in the gas chamber on accident. The ending of the book is super heartbreaking; however, the end of the movie isn’t as depressing but is still very sad. In the end of the movie Bruno sneaks under the fence to help the Jewish boy find his dead, but is later hung.

Another major difference between the movie and book is the perspective in which each is told in. The movie was definitely much easier to comprehend then the book because the movie you get to watch everything that happens, but the book is told from a better perspective. The movie is told from an outside person so it makes it difficult to grasp how the characters are feeling, which also makes it difficult to put yourself in the characters shoes. The novel is much easier to understand and relate to because it is told from Bruno. Since it is told from Bruno you can really grasp the story a lot better because you feel like you are going through what Bruno is. Also since it is told from Bruno you get to know how he is feeling and it makes it a lot easier to relate to, letting you understand the internal struggle he goes through. I think that the book is more effective because it is told from Bruno, so you basically feel like you are going through what he is.

The book, The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas was by far one of the best books I have read. It really opened my eyes, teaching me to be grateful for the life that I have. The movie was really great to, but the book was definitely better in so many ways. The book and the movie were extremely close to being the same but there were a few things that were different. The few things that were different, included, the ending of the book and movie, the perspective in which they were both told in

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