Boy in the Striped Pajamas Book Review

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Auschwitz concentration camp Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: October 27, 2013
Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a 2004 novel from the point of view of a young boy, written by Irish novelist John Boyne. History is both an unfolding story we write as humans and also a mirror of our humanity. Too often we're so busy glorifying n the first part that we tend to forget the second part. This was a sad and touching story of forbidden friendship that lead to disaster due to Hitlers rage for jews.

Being the protagonist, Bruno is a naïve 8-9 year-old German boy whose father is the commandant of Auschwitz. He wants to become an explorer when an adult. Bruno is very adventurous, often gets into mischief, and hates being called "Little Man" by Lieutenant Kotler. Shmuel is a Polish Jew who is Bruno's exact age. . Shmuel is very quiet, and admires animals. Gretel, known as "The Hopeless Case" to her younger brother Bruno, is a 12 year-old who loves dolls.  Gretel is a show-off who thinks she knows everything, and is flirty towards Lieutenant Kotler. She also is a member of the Hitler Youth.  Despite his father not being a Nazi,Lieutenant Kotler is a harsh Nazi lieutenant who constantly flirts with the commandant's daughter, Gretel. He is very rude and brutal. Ralf is the commandant of the camp. Although a loving father, he is quite a harsh commandant. He is the father of Bruno and Gretel. Elsa is a very good mother, and does not agree with Nazism, although she never speaks out. 

The novel 'The Boy in the Stripe Pyjamas" is set in the time period of 1942 in Germany. The son of a Nazi officer lives in luxury in a house next to a concentration camp. He befriends a boy who lives in hardship in the concentration camp.

A German boy named Bruno moves to a new house. From his room he see a strange 'farm' with people wearing striped 'pajamas'. Bruno's father tells him to forget about it. Bruno decides to go exploring and finds himself next to the 'farm'. There he meets a strange boy on the other side of a fence. Bruno and the boy become friends....
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