boy in striped pajamas

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Poison Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: January 9, 2014

I watched The Boy in The Striped Pajama, directed by Mark Herman. It’s about a young boy named Bruno, an 8 year old whose father is a Nazi, in Germany. In the beginning of the movie Bruno’s parents announce they’re moving out of town because his father has been promoted, to a higher position. They move to a house that’s away from all of Bruno’s friends. He always sees a man peeling potatoes, in what he thinks are pajamas, so he assumes the man is a farmer. The Nazis treat the man so bad, and Bruno does not understand why. One day Bruno decided to go in the back garden and “explore” he found a fence with a young boy behind it, who looks his age. The boy had on the same pajamas as the man who peels the potatoes, so Bruno assumes he’s just over there working on a farm. Bruno introduces himself to the boy, and finds out the boy’s name is Shmuel and he was taken to the camp with his father. Shmuel and Bruno play games together. Bruno brings Shmuel food because he tells him how hungry he is. One day when Bruno meets Shmuel, he tells Bruno that his father has come up missing and he doesn’t know where he could be. Bruno offers to help him find his father, so the next day Shmuel brings him a pair of “pajamas” and Bruno sneaks over, they go to a cabin. That cabin just happened to be chosen for extermination. One part of Boy in The Striped Pajamas that could explain what I learned about the holocaust from ch.16 sec 3, was Shmuel, and the house servant were both very skinny, weak looking, and looked famished. In class we learned about this. In concentration camps, those who were in them would get one meal a day, in the morning. It would be a “stew” mostly made of water, they’d be lucky to find a piece of potato or little piece of meat.

Another part of the movie I could relate to my knowledge of the holocaust is the cabins the prisoners slept in. In the movie all the men were just in a little cabin, and they were all laying on the same wooden bench, which was their...
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