Boy and Striped Pajamas Summary

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Summary
The historical fable, “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” takes place during World War II. Bruno, a 9-year old boy, is the narrator of the story and he lives with his family in Berlin, Germany. Bruno’s father is a Nazi soldier who works for Hitler. One day his father gets a job promotion and Bruno’s family move out of Berlin to a house near a death camp called Auschwitz. When Bruno arrives he is lonely and bored. One day he looks out of his window and sees strange looking people wearing blue striped pajamas. Breaking some rules, he steps outside the back door and walks down a path and sees a wired fence. As he comes closer to it, he sees a small child, a boy. Shyly, Bruno approaches the boy and says “Hello,” and tells him that he has been exploring. Minutes later, Bruno finds out the name of his new friend, Shmuel. The two boys begin to talk and they figure out that they were born on the same day, month and year! After talking with Shmuel for a while, Bruno promises to meet him again. Months later, Bruno’s father calls Bruno and his sister, Gretel, into his office to tell them that they can move back to Berlin. Bruno is very unhappy about moving back to Berlin because he will miss his new friend Shmuel. Bruno goes to their meeting spot and tells Shmuel his news and he is very sad about this. But Shmuel is also sad because his father is missing. As he tells Bruno this, they devise a plan to take Bruno to the other side of the fence. When the day comes that Bruno is supposed to go over the fence, Shmuel brings him a blue and white striped pajama so he can blend in. Bruno puts the striped pajamas on and digs a hole for him to crawl under. Then the two boys start to look for Shmuel's father. Bruno and Shmuel explore the camp and get shoved along with other men. In ignorance Shmuel tells Bruno that sometimes the men in the camp go on marches. Bruno and Shmuel think that if they follow the older men, they will find Shmuel’s...
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