Boy and Farmer

Topics: Boy, Great Depression, Adrian Ross Pages: 4 (1587 words) Published: September 25, 2009
In the story “Kansas,” Stephen Dobyns tells how one boy’s journey through life cost him his own life in the end. It starts with a boy trying to get from his school in Oklahoma back to summer school. He is hitchhiking on some back-country roads in Kansas, and to his surprise his life would change forever. Dobyns is a very intelligent author and writer, as you can see from this great story; he is a well known writer of novels, short stories, poetry books and essays. Also he has numerous literary awards and has taught at many universities. I look forward to reading many more of his stories, and maybe a novel or two. The main character is a nineteen year old boy, a middle child trying to get somewhere in life, besides the small town he is from. He has plans of one day being a great pianist in far away places, like playing one day at Carnegie Hall. He is caught in a conflict, within himself. His dreams flash before his eyes, when he is picked up by farmer in a Ford pickup. Whom he soon realizes has an agenda of his own, to kill two people who has crossed him, the boy is too scared to try to talk the man out of it, so he sits in silence. The boy only answers questions slowly and with little words. The farmer is a nice looking man, maybe in his forty’s, his skin was leathered colored from the sun. He had a forty-five revolver lying on the seat next to him; he was looking for a blue Plymouth coupe, which had his wife and her lover in it. And the farmer the antagonist of the story, telling the boy of his plan to kill them both for betraying him and now he was stuck in the middle. He wanted to know if the boy had seen it pass, the boy answers yes, it went by half an hour ago. The boy frightened by the site of the gun, could barely speak. The boy being the protagonist of the story wants to try to talk the farmer out of his plans to kill his wife and her lover, but the boy is too afraid of agitating the farmer more or worse, getting shot...
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