Boy and Extra Curricular Activities

Topics: Boy, Female, Girl Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Boys can always, more or less, please themselves what they do and where they go because they can take care of themselves. Girls, on the other hand, have to be protected because of their fragility and lack of judgment of what is right or wrong.

A boy is also able to take part in more sports than a girl, the reason being that men are more adapted for most sports than women, and therefore the boys follow in their fathers' footsteps, while the girls follow in mothers'. In many cases girls have shown that they are not far inferior to boys, chiefly in swimming, where they are, perhaps, more adapted than boys, through being of a lighter build and not being affected so much by the cold, owing to slight differences in construction. For being boys : 3 (three) advantages 

1. Freedom of independent movement outside home alone.
2. Freedom of joining extra curricular activities like games and sports  3. To become owner of the house one day

For being boys : 3 (three) disadvantages
1. Always to be under eyes of parents
2. To give proper explanation if late rising and late coming at night 3. Always to be under suspicion if talked to any girl (known to me) not known to parents/guardians

For being girls : 3 (three) advantages 
1. Enjoying love and affection from all at home.
2. Getting escort whenever out of home.
3. Getting priority at home for anything good among children.

For being girls : 3 (three) disadvantages
1. No freedom for outing
2. To work or to support anybody for domestic jobs whenever at home 3. Always to be under suspicion if talked to any boy (known to me) not known to parents/guardians

1. No whining (or less, at least)
2. Do not pay attention to food,(6 do not deliberately keep fit 3.
4.       Most of the boys are eating a lot, but not easy to gain weight, even if it is a big fat does not matter, anyway, China's first wife to marry all fat. And the girls that towards the male fat is much lower than male compatriots female fat...
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