Topics: Olympic Games, Ancient Olympic Games, Boxing Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: November 23, 2013
Argumentative essay
1.       Introduction
1.1   How boxing started
1.2   Nowadays women practice boxing
1.3   Famous female bóxers
2.       Women have the same opportunities as men
2.1   Why allow women in boxing?
2.2   Women can do the same physical training
2.3   Women can follow the same discipline as men
3.       Women are also skillful
3.1   Women are also fast
3.2   Women are strong
3.3   With obvious reason women are more kind-heart
4.       Men think boxing is not appropiate for women 4.1   Men think female bóxers not look goog boxing
4.2   Men think women are physically weak
4.3   Men think female bóxers are dangerous
5.       Conclusion
5.1   Origins of boxing
5.2   Place of female boxers
Boxing stared in 1700 AC, in Greece. In that year, people thought that was a game of Gods, so was practiced in the Olympic Games. But the fights are different before, In Greece, boxers did not use gloves, only leather, and the fights were so explosive and aggressive, that sometimes they kill each other. In XX century, was when women started to boxing, spite nowadays this sport is for women and men, in the Olympic Games women are not allow. The first champion women was Elizabeth Wlkinson, but some of them are Ana María Torres, Cristina Hammer, Marie Rieder, Marcela Acuña, Yvonne Caples, Para Draine, etc. Nowadays women are allowed in boxing. Women have a place in this sport, but the question why is very general. We are in XXI century and our society can face to face the equality and the idea that women and men have the same rights. Also they have the same capacity of training; maybe men have more ability doing some kind of exercise and women doing another, so women have the same discipline to train all day. Any person can develop themselves in any sport no matter if they are men or women. People can think that women are not skillful because it is not common that women practiced a lot of exercise when they were younger, but women can develop their...
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