Box Elder County: Community Statistics

Topics: Utah, United States, Wasatch Front Pages: 4 (1457 words) Published: March 25, 2014
A1. Community Description
Box Elder County is located at the north end of the Great Salt Lake in northern Utah, and extends west to the Nevada border and north to the Idaho border. The majority of the county runs along the Wasatch front, and covers a total area of 6, 729 square miles. A good portion of the county’s residents live in the rural parts of the county. Most housing units are in surrounding areas to the larger cities. The population in 2010 was estimated at 50,171. The majority of people that live in Box Elder are white. There is also a large portion that is affiliated with a religion, and vote republican during presidential elections. There does not appear to be a high poverty level, and most Box Elder County residents have obtained a high school diploma or higher. The neighborhood/community assessment revealed a drinking water safety of 3%, while nationally it is 0%. There are a great amount of respiratory toxicants in Box Elder County, which consist of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. The county ranked between 70-80% for being the dirtiest counties in the nation when it comes to the cancer risk score, and ranked between 90-100% for a non-cancer risk score based on air releases. There wasn’t any specific data available regarding stray animal health hazards or poisonous plants/allergens, but there is a high amount of sheep wastes. The cultural assessment revealed there are a very high percentage of residents affiliated with some type of religion, 85% to be exact. And 94% of those are specifically affiliated with the Latter Day Saints (LDS) religion. There are no gender/age distinctions in this cultural group because all ages and genders are a part of the group. An interview with different members of the cultural group was performed and the following information came from these interviews. Aging is viewed as a “natural process” and not as a bad thing. They stated that this is a natural part of living and phase of life; it is their goal to do their...
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