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Technological Advances in Bowling
Technological advances in bowling and bowling ball design have increased exponentially.

I. Coverstocks
A. Urethane
B. Reactive Resin
C. Particle

II. Core Design
A. Pin Placement
B. Center of Gravity (CG)
C. Mass Bias (MB)
D. Radius of Gyration (RG)

III. Lanes
A. Dimensions
B. Wood
C. Synthetic
D. Oil Pattern

IV. Pins
A. Design Change
B. Weight

There have been many technological advances in bowling and bowling balls throughout the last 20 years. What was once a wooden ball has gave way to plastic, even plastic bowling balls are seldom seen in this growing sport. Newer and more aggressive coverstocks are being designed and released every year. Not only the outer surface of the bowling ball has changed, but the core designs inside the bowling balls are ever changing as well. Even the lanes bowl on, believe it or not, are seldom made of real wood this day and age. The pins however have had very little change since bowling was popularized as an indoor sport.

Many people make their decision about which bowling ball they purchase based on what type of material is in the outer casing. This is called the coverstock. Three of the most widely used coverstocks are urethane, reactive resin, and particle. The urethane coverstock was originally introduce to bowling in the 1980’s and had a greater entry angle into the pocket, “between the one and three pin for right-handed bowlers”, and thus created more pin action. Still today the urethane ball is a widely under-utilized tool due to more aggressive coverstocks such as reactive resin. Reactive resin coverstocks are composed of similar materials used in regular urethane formations; however, they are blended with different additives. The effect is a “tacky” feeling which translates into additional traction and a stronger back end reaction on the lane. Sub-categories of reactive coverstocks are solid and pearl. This mostly has to do with...
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