Bowen Method

Topics: Family therapy, Family, Dysfunctional family Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: July 3, 2013
Ryder Schwartz

Hurst, N. C., Sawatzky, D., & Pare, D. P. (1996). Families with multiple problems through a bowenian lens. Child Welfare, 75(6), 693-708.

Families with Multiple Problems through a Bowenian Lens.

The article by Hurst, Sawatzky and Pare (1996) examines 17 (10 of which were single parent homes) families though a Bowenian perspective. The families examined had multiple problems ranging from denial, aggression and self-destructive behavior. The authors named these families as being in “Perpetual Crisis” (p.694). This meant that they were caught in cycles that they could not get out of and this included history of involvement with agencies, hospitals, courts, and child protective services.

The authors used a semi-structured interview format along with a genogram and interviewed the families in their homes with questionnaires for between 90 minutes and three hours. The goal of this was to explore mutigenerational family problems. After the interviews were completed parents were asked to complete a PAFS-Q and demographic characteristics sheet. Once data was collected the authors put together genograms foe each family that showed; birth and death dates, problems such as physical , mental and sexual abuse, suicide, alcohol or drug use, divorce, separation or out of wed-lock pregnancies, teenage rebellion , reported depression, schizophrenia and nervous breakdowns.

The authors concluded from this study that compared to a nonclinical norm group, lower levels of differentiation along the majority of dimensions were found in the clinical population studied. There were also patterns of mutigenerational problems and the findings were consistent with Bowen’s Theory. The authors feel that this would be a good perspective to be used in clinical practices with families with multiple problems.

Larson, J. H., & Wilson, S. M. (1998). Family of origin influences on young adult career decision problems: a test of bowenian...
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