Bountiful Seasons: Nature's Wonders

Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: October 6, 2010
Bountiful Seasons
Have you ever noticed how we’re always ready at the end of summer for fall, or how we’re always ready at the end of winter for spring to arrive, yet we’re never quite ready for spring or fall to end. There is something special and intoxicating about spring and fall. Spring ushers in a new beginning or a rebirth, while fall is the harvesting of our spring labors. Spring like fall is an explosion of our senses, each very different, and we are able to take in these various bounties by sight, smell, and taste.

The wonder of spring is the awakening of new life. The previously barren trees are bursting with fresh, glossy, green leaves. The recently thawed ground is blossoming with bright red tulips, royal purple irises, soft yellow daffodils, and pure white lilies. The grass, once brown, now a lush blanket of green carpeting that begs of you to run barefoot across its dewy blades. The skies are painted with the wings of butterflies, cardinals, and blue jays, and in the air you can smell the first storm just whispers away.

The first clap of thunder is so exhilarating, and the soft, smell of the first rain is consuming. After which you find yourself on your hands and knees planting your first delicate flowers, and holding the thick, dark earth to your nose to inhale the aroma of the bright, rich, earth. In the background you can hear the buzzing of lawn mowers cutting their first, long, blades of the season. The crisp, fresh, grass cuttings waft through the air enveloping you from all sides. Waltzing through the garden the fragrance of honeysuckle and lilacs embrace you in their sweet songs of the season.

Filling your basket with sweet strawberries, luscious blueberries, tender asparagus, snow peas, and fragrant herbs, for the bouquet of recipes you will create in celebration of spring. A garden party with spring pea soup, asparagus with hollandaise, strawberry spinach salad, herb-stuffed chicken breasts, and fresh blueberry pie....
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