Boundaryless world - A threat

Topics: World population, Hatred, Earth Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: October 21, 2013
Boundary less World – A Threat
The world today is divided into 243 countries and each country has a unique identity of its own depicting its own culture, heritage, and traditions. Often people say idealistic things like “we created the borders and not God”, but the fact is, it is these borders which have helped us to live and breed in peace and harmony. If we turn back and look at the earlier times, what existed before was almost a boundary less world with Britain, Russia and USA controlling most of the territories. Then why was there a need for the people to rise against them, to establish their own countries and to achieve freedom? It is because boundaries actually help people to settle down in society and live in discipline. Over the ages people have struggled only to establish themselves as a separate entity where they are recognised for their own specialities, culture and their own individuality. Everyone likes to enjoy their own freedom. In the absence of borders people would have been forced to live together as one single community, governed by a unique set of rules and policies. It would have resulted in immense clash of interests, conflicts and even riots. There would have been forceful conversions of habits, religions as well as other things. Moreover it would have been difficult to maintain law and order and control such a large number of people together, especially when everyone has separate interests. Even a country like India being a liberal state, and constituting almost 15% of the total world population, is plagued with religious and regional issues. India itself has a rich culture with a wide variety of people speaking different languages and having different opinions and beliefs. If in such circumstances, there were no boundaries, it would have resulted in utter chaos. A world without boundaries would have surely resulted in a sorrow state. Boundaries help people in establishing their own methods of living without any interference from people...
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