Boundaryless Organizations in the Workplace

Topics: Health care, Organizational structure, Health care provider Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: August 22, 2012
Boundaryless Organizations in the Workplace
Leslie Howell
University Of Phoenix

HCS/325 Health Care Management
Stephanie Bryson
Sunday, February 12, 2012

Many companies are crossing lines that have set boundaries linking them to communication. All over the world healthcare facilities are requiring employees the opportunities to connect through a wide variety of networking resources. Contact methods that expand knowledge, ideas, sharing, and finding solutions are all trigger points. Environments that provide healthcare are responding with other organizations through networks that promote social media. Companies are responding to other organizations by relaxing barriers that keep them from communicating with others. Organizations in healthcare are providing boundaryless organizations encouraging and managing a blur of boundaries to provide a better knowledge and understanding of a situation characterized by uncertainty. Organizations are promoting a resourceful outflow of information through the exchange of authority. Barriers that divide groups and isolate individuals from communicating are allowing leaders the cooperation to become more involved. A boundary organization allows businesses the opportunity to express their concerns. Boundary organizations are formed to manage meetings in distinct areas and encourage the production of knowledge. These organizations are eliminating the older ways of communication done through the traditional one-way flow. They are effectively changing the hypothesis that supports the existence of boundaries. The exchange of transferred knowledge has been a great challenge for many organizations. According to David I. Levine & April Gilbert “First, knowledge appears to be an increasing proportion of many organizations total assets. Second, organizations have moved away from hierarchical methods of control toward more decentralized...

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