Bottom Trawling

Topics: Coral reef, Ocean, Fish / Pages: 2 (307 words) / Published: Dec 20th, 2012
Bottom Trawling Imagine a coral reef, filled with life, being demolished to just bits and pieces. Unfortunantly, this is what happens with bottom trawling. Bottom trawling is a major issue because it damages the eco-system and it kills much more than needed. To begin, the destruction of bottom trawling is severe. In the process, a 5 ton net with weights is trailed along the ocean floor; destroying everything in its path. Fish are swept into this net and coral is completely turned into dust. These life-forms don’t usually recover, and even if they do, it takes hundreds of years. Habitats are non-existing after bottom trawling has captured them. Over the last 40 years bottom trawling has killed over 90% of deep water coral reefs! It is quite obvious that this method of fishing is an immense problem. Next, bottom trawling not only kills coral reefs; it kills everything that inhabits them. Molluscs, sea spiders, snakes, sea turtles, crustaceons, fish, and many others live on the coral reefs. One-third of all species living here are found nowhere else in the world. Scientists also predict 500,000 to 5,000,000 organisms living here have been undiscovered. Bottom trawling is killing species that we don’t even know exist! After the net is pulled out of the ocean, 15 tons of coral and other by-catch is tossed back into the ocean. Over half of what is caught isn’t even put to human use.
In conclusion, you might now realize bottom trawling is a method of fishing that shouldn’t even be used. It kills life and reforms the oceans habitats. There honestly is no exception to this method of fishing and I encourage everyone to take action so we can stop this problem, and prevent our reefs from being demolished to just bits and

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