Bottlenecks in the Process

Topics: Theory of Constraints, Decision making, McGraw-Hill Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: July 2, 2012
Bottlenecks in the Process
Joy Stanley
OPS 571
Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Ms. April Fox

Bottlenecks in the Process
A bottleneck is defined as any resource whose capacity is less than the demand placed upon it. A bottleneck is a constraint within the system that limits throughput. It is that point in the manufacturing process where flow thins to a narrow stream (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, 2006). An example of a bottleneck would be seating issues within a restaurant producing long wait times and loss of sales. Understanding the process of bottlenecks is vital when handling the task of prioritizing a daily routine by applying the Goldratt theory of constraints. The theory of constraints is based on the idea of using scientific principles and logical thinking to provide businesses and individuals to strengthen their decision making processes. Two bottlenecks have been identified in the process of preparing for work; the theory of constraints will be applied to prevent the hindrances and provide a smoother transition from home to work. Preparing for work each morning can be a difficult task for anyone. Each morning the alarm is set to ring at 6am in order to arrive for work at 8am. However there is a choice to make, continue to sleep or immediately get out of bed to begin devotion. If an individual decides to continue to sleep the chances of being late to work are extremely high. In this case, getting up for work would be the best option. Showering, grooming, applying make-up and brushing one’s teeth can take from 15- 30 minutes depending upon how long the shower. After showering is complete, deciding what to wear can also be a hassle. Ironing an ensemble can take 10 to 15 minutes and putting on clothes may take 5-10 minutes. In this particular situation the travel time from home to work is 15 -20 minutes which leave 45 minutes to be prepare for work. During the morning routine, applying make-up takes up the most time. To amend this issue making a decision...
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