Bottled Water Research Project

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ASSIGNMENT NO. & TITLE: ASSIGNMENT 1 – Bottled Water – Rethink how you drink


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Table of Contents
Executive Summary5
Literature Review7
Environmental Impact7
Research Methodology15

Executive Summary
This research project investigates whether bottled water can be a viable, marketable product. It will question whether bottled water is environmentally friendly and safe, and whether it is marketable. This project will investigate this question by providing a systematic literature review of previous studies conducted on this topic. It will also outline the methodologies which were employed in order to produce such a review of the literature. The motivations for this project are numerous: an exponential growth in the demand for bottled water, it was felt, required research as to whether such growth was an anomaly driven purely by marketing, or whether bottled water actually offered a product that was superior to its alternatives and was thus viable and marketable. There were many considerations to take into account, but for the sake of focus, this project chose to consider in particular whether bottled water was environmentally friendly, and whether it was safe. It was felt that these considerations would offer interesting points to research, particularly from a marketing perspective as these have been noted considerations of the consumer.

Moreover, in a world with a growing cognizance of environmental concerns and sustainability, this question seems to be pertinent. The question of safety too is also key, as safety might be one of bottled water’s core unique selling points. The issue of marketability was then addressed to ascertain how bottled water might be marketed in light of the findings with regard to the questions of environmental impact and safety. It is concluded following a systematic literature review that bottled water may have a deleterious environmental effect, but does offer a safe alternative to the consumer. In addition, the product of bottled water is highly marketable as it can be used in conjunction with an institutional/company emphasis in purity, cleanliness,...

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