Bottled Water in Australia

Topics: Bottled water, Drinking water, Demographics Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: May 2, 2010
Bling h2o is a high end or “Super Luxury” bottled water product created by Kevin G Boyd a Hollywood producer / designer. Bling h2o costs from $US35.00 to $US2,600.00 per bottle and the water is bottled into glass bottles studded with Swarovski crystals. Bling has been featured on MTV music awards and The Emmys and on it’s website refers to itself as the Rolls Royce of bottled water.

To identify the potential consumers in Australia we need to look at the target market and market segments bling are looking to fulfill.
The premium status, and pricing, that bling put on their product would narrow the geographic segment to the economic centers of Australia, which Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. A geographic segmentation is identifying and analysing the location that a company is looking to move into. In Australia a potential geographic profile would start at the state level, then move into cities, then if necessary a municipal level to identify potential consumer (Kotler, P., Adam, S., Denize, S., Armstrong, G. 2009), The demographic make-up of a potential market is made up of the age group, income, occupation, gender, race, education and religion. Demographic segmentation is a popular form of analysis and very important part of identifying the size and methods of communicating with a target market. (Kotler et al, 2009) After reviewing the media on bling and the website the demographic profile for bling would be 20 - 35 year old age bracket with a high level of income. This is supported by bling’s involvement with MTV, The Emmy's and the price of their product.

The psychographic and behavioural segmentation bling would be looking at is a benefits viewpoint (Kotler et al, 2009). The benefits class is the benefits the user perceives to obtaining by using the product. The benefits from bling h2o are that of social status and class by drinking bling users would be setting themselves apart. From the marketing segmentation identified bling would be looking at a young...
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