Bottled Water and Evian

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Executive summary

From the eastern mountains of France on the borders with Switzerland comes the internationally recognized trademark “Evian”.The company is known for its premium bottled water, which it started to sell in 1908 and was acquired by the DANONE Group in 1991.

The company has diversified its products line to include sprays and moisturizers. In addition, it offers beauty products that fall in the same strategy of the company, which is purity and “living young”.

As part of the company’s plan to enter more unfamiliar markets, a decision to enter the Indian market was made. Of course such huge market will need a well-designed strategy to penetrate a society with such original conditions. India has a significant demand for bottled water and Evian success to penetrate such a market will provide a great opportunity to increase revenue in addition to expand the operations of the company. Although the Indian market is still being formed in many areas, the country is currently experiencing rapid growth that is not be neglected.

The country has already many successful bottled water companies that have made effort to deliver a customized experience to the Indian consumer, which is probably the most important factor that Evian has to take in consider to be able to enter the market succeessfully. Bottled water companies in India include Aquafina, Bisleri and Kinley


Executive summary__________________________________2


2.General Information5

2.1 About the Company5

3.PESTEL & SWOT Analysis for__________________________5

3.1 PESTE analysis ,Geographic,Political_______________________5

3.2 Legal,Social,Economic.Competition________________________6

3.3threats Legal,Social,Economic.Competition ________________7

3.4 crossed SOWT analysis_____________________________9

4. Porter force analysis_______________________________10

5. Mix Marketing for the Classic Evian __________________11

5.1 Target,Product__________________________________11

5.2 Price,Place__________________________________________14

5.3 Promotion___________________________________________16

6. Entry Strategy_________________________________________17

7. Recommendation_______________________________________18

References List19


This report will focus on how Evian would manage to break into the Indian water bottle market. Although the company has a great profile worldwide, but entering the Indian market is not an easy task.

As the world social and health awareness levels increased dramatically in the last 30 years, dependence on bottled water has been growing, especially as it provides reliable and portable solution to maintain hydration. Also water resources are becoming less and less reliable to be used directly from taps due to industrial waste that is still affecting many water resources in many parts of the world. The bottled water industry is increasing by almost seven per cent every year. However, water is still considered a commodity that should be available for the minimum ost.

We will explore in this report the characteristic of such a decision and attempt to understand the threats and opportunities of this endeavour.

The report will help explain the the characteristics of the Indian market and the company’s profile. It will also compare the global market and the Indian market with listing the competition in India. Then, we will explain the strategy of Evian to introduce position and distribute their products.

About the company

Evian SA located in Evian-les-bains and founded in France, started offering bottled water since 1908. Short after offering their first PVC bottle the company was acquired by the Donone group. The company’s portfolio grew...
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