Bottle Rocket

Topics: Rocket, Hot melt adhesive, Pressure sensitive adhesive Pages: 4 (1065 words) Published: November 19, 2014

Manufacturing A
Steps involved to building a Bottle Rocket:
Two 2 litter soda bottles.
Cardboard pieces pre cut and measured
Duct tape
Scissors, Cutters, Cutting Board, Glue etc
 Foam pieces for fins
Vinyl Material according to colors
Cotton or any Sponge type material used for the Egg Compartment Construction
To build a bottle rocket, there are many steps involved. It just cannot be made out of the bloom, but has to be thought about, researched and designed properly so that the result is a very professional, proficient and neat rocket. Here are the steps involved in making a Water Bottle Rocket. 1. Cleaning: Make sure to remove the label from the bottle. This is because the bottle needs to be clean and neat before we can start cutting. We also need to clean the inside of the bottle. To make sure the inside of the bottle is clean and doesn’t contain any sort of chemical, we have to make sure that we rinse water with the dishwasher into the bottle so that the bottle is clean. 2. Body: Now let’s come to the body of the rocket. The body is a very important portion/part of the as it is the pressure chamber. For this we need our cardboard pieces that when measures, should go across the circumference of the bottle perfectly. Using the cutting boards and the cutter itself, we need to cut the piece according to the template provided to you. When you are done, just roll the piece with the bottle in the middle and just gently put it together with the vinyl which is already been glued on top of the piece. 3. Nose: Time for the nose to come into play. The nose is a very complex part of this project as it does take some time to complete it properly. For this portion, we are going to again need a cardboard piece, which we then need alongside the nose template to copy of. Once we have the cardboard cutout, we need to do the same thing with the vinyl my measuring and cutting. When done, gently place the vinyl on top of the cutout. 4. Fins: Decide...
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