Botox Ltd: Performance Management

Pages: 3 (697 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Botox Ltd – Performance Management
“Hi. Of course, this is your 6 monthly performance review. We’d like to start by talking about your performance in the last 6 months, as it as not been at the same level as we usually see from you. We’ll just run through what we’ve seen over the last 6 months and then we can talk about your experience in that time...” Summary of discussion on performance over the last 6 months. * As stated in your job description, the current KPIs and targets are: * 200 sales calls per week

* 50 bookings per week
* 5% cancellation rate
* 20 referrals a month
* Employees sales achievements in the last 6 months are (average): * 100 sales calls a week
* 25 bookings a week
* 8% cancellation rate
* 18 referrals a month
“If you can talk us through your experience of the last 6 months at work, that would be good.” <Let her speak>
The quality of the work provided, recording areas that have gone well and those where improvement is required. “As discussed, your targets are 200 calls a week, 50 bookings, 5% cancellation and 20 referrals a month...” * Targets achieved for the past 5 years.

* Positive feedback from customers that were happy with the initial sales call and would happily recommend our company to friends and family. * Employee has a good understanding of our products, costs etc. * Impressive communication skills.

* Good customer service skills.
* Good referral record.
* Last SIX months
* Only achieving 50% of the daily sales calls target (100 calls a week). * 50% of sales achieved.
* Exceeding company acceptable cancellation rate (reasons for cancellations include customer finding cheaper prices and product not closely enough matching their needs). Record performance against targets set and in those cases where they have not been met, record the reasons given and your views on these. * Only achieving 50% of the...
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