Topics: Influenza, Botulinum toxin, Muscle Pages: 4 (1528 words) Published: March 19, 2010
What people need to know about Botox

By: Amanda Vanhoogen

When I first thought about BOTOX, I thought of a simple procedure that people, like movies stars, singers, rich people, and self-conscious people went, and had done to get rid of a few wrinkles. I did not think anything could go wrong. Then my aunt decided to have BOTOX done for a few unwanted wrinkles. She ended p in the hospital for about three weeks because she failed to ask any questions on whether or not the doctor was trained well enough to be doing the procedure or what was in the medicine. Some people tend not to want to find what they are putting in their bodies. That is what I am going to discuss. I am going to tell what is in BOTOX, how it is given, what it does when given, why people get BOTOX, the side effects of BOTOX some of the other effects that could happen besides the normal side effects, some of the law suites out against Botox, and some other alternatives to Botox to get rid of wrinkles. One of the major questions people should find before they have this procedure done is what are they getting injected into their bodies. The main ingredient is something called botulism toxin A. The toxin is suppose to be a protein but after I looked, further into what it was I found that it is acutely a type of poison. It is the same toxin that causes severe food poisoning. Botox is given by an injection or also known as, a shot the shot is given into one or more muscles. The doctor is the one who decides what muscles need the injection. The shot is meant to block the message sent form the nerve to the muscle telling it to contract. It usually takes full effect within one or two weeks and can last about three to six months depending on how much is injected. The only question some people tend to ask is does it hurt. The doctors and some people who have gotten it done say that it could cause some discomfort in the injection site. Some also say that it feels like a sting or a pinch.

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