Boston Tea Party Essay

Topics: Boston Tea Party, Sons of Liberty, United States Pages: 1 (649 words) Published: October 27, 2014

The truth of the accounts that took place December 16, 1773, a day remembered by Americans as The Boston Tea Party, is one that is disputed. It seems as though there is a basic story of American patriots dressed as Indians, carrying tomahawks and hatchets boarding three ships in the Boston Harbor and throwing overboard over 300 cargo containers full of British East-Indian Company tea that was sent by England to tax the colonies without agreement. These acts were carried out without damage to any other goods aboard or the vessels themselves, and without anyone being harshly injured. After reading several eye witness accounts I believe that there was a true attempt, possibly several by the people of these great colonies, to send the ships back to England even before they arrived and their request was repeatedly overthrown. With emotions running high with disgust and uncertainty a plan was created to do something to stop the shipment and tax that accompanied it, at a meeting carried out by the colonists who traveled anywhere from 200 miles away from Boston to attend. From there these indomitable people carried out their resolution. I can clearly see the dissimilarity in the testimonies of witnesses that were recorded. As you can distinctly associate who was part of the brave men who carried out The Boston Tea Party and which of them were bystanders, and whether they were for, or against the cause. Some of which even sound fictitious in some sorts. I believe all testimonies to be real but, I also believe that what was recorded was opinionated and in some cases biased. I also feel uncertain that all the witnesses’ recollections of these accounts are communicated as was experienced in real time, and even some exaggerated. John Andrews, a participant in these events exclaimed that nearly two-hundred men attended the march to Griffin’s Wharf. As other participants and eyewitnesses exclaim between twenty and thirty. As well as time conflictions, there are many...
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