Boston Strong

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February 10, 2014

When the Boston Bombing happened on April 15, 2013, it seemed like Boston stopped. There were so many pictures, videos and news stations talking about what had happened. It was a hard time for Bostonians and anyone who cared for Boston, or the people that were hurt, or especially killed because of the unbelievable event. The great city of Boston was bombed during the legendary Boston Marathon. People were killed. That is never okay. The picture I chose means a lot to me, because it makes me realize how strong Boston is, and the people and players in it.

The picture is of the finish line of the Boston Marathon where the bombing happened, with the Red Sox World Series 2013 trophy on it, with a player placing a “Boston Strong” Red Sox Jersey on top of that. To me, this picture shows how strong Boston was through this Terrible time. It also shows how much love the Red Sox have for the city, and for the fans they play for. They knew they had to win the World Series for the fans, and they did just that. The Red Sox winning the World Series at home for the first time in 100 years also just makes me, and all Red Sox fans extremely happy, but the fact that this happened the year that the Boston Bombing happened just makes it so much more powerful and meaningful.

Even though I don’t live in Boston, the city means a lot to me. When I heard about the bombing that happened, I felt so hurt. Boston has some of the best, strongest people in this world and I’m happy I get to live so close to it and visit it all the time. This picture shows how much the Red Sox mean to Boston, and how much the fans mean to the Red Sox. The picture makes me realize how something so simple, like a Red Sox jersey saying “Boston Strong” on it can mean so much to people and a city when when it is used in the right way. When it is used to show the strength of a city after an event occurs that most cities can’t get through the way Boston did....
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