Boston Police Strike

Topics: Trade union, Strike action, Collective bargaining Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: May 15, 2006
On September 9, 1919 more than 1,100 officers in Boston went out on strike, which removed more than three-fourths of the force from the city's streets. The police force had seen its wages lag badly during the war. Efforts were made to organize an order to gain not only higher pay, but also shorter hours and better working conditions. When people came to the realization that there was nobody to stop them from doing anything people began looting and several violent events occurred. Eventually the Massachusetts State militia was sent in to restore order. Several civilians died in fights with the militia, altogether around 20 or so people died during the period of the strike. Later the governor summoned the entire Massachusetts Guard, which rapidly caused the strike to collapse and earned the governor the reputation of a strict enforcer of law and order. The striking policemen were not allowed to recover their jobs, which went to returning servicemen. The new officers were granted higher pay and additional holidays, and also gained the additional benefit of free uniforms. The governor defended his decision not to rehire the strikers back in the following statement; "There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, anytime."

The action plan I would have called for would have been an interest based bargaining session, which would call for a joint effort to meet the interest of both the parties. The goal of management labor relations is to establish a comfortable working relationship based on mutual understanding and respect between the two. If there had been early resolution of the problems employees' morale and overall productivity mostly likely would have improved. The collective bargaining process enhances labor relationship of its employees and union to perform better with fewer hazards for either party. These protective legislations improve the work quality with less negative effects. It ensures employees of their security and...
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