Boston from 1850 to 1900

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Brandee Meyer
Boston from 1850-1900
There was no time in Boston that was most emphasized, than the 1850’s to 1900’s. In the city of Boston there were a lot of changes that had occurred between the second half of the 19th century, not only with the city but also with the people living in Boston. Boston has always been changing and in transition. Boston had changed majorly from being the merchant city to the industrial metropolis. The population of people went up about ¾ in 50 years of its physical change. When Boston was a merchant city in 1850, it was tightly packed and crowded, then once it because an industrial metropolis in 1900, it was a spread out to a 10-mile radius, containing 31 cities and towns. The metropolis was created from a partnership of large companies and individual people. The inner part of the Boston was the low-income housing and work. The outer part of the city was for the middle and upper class income housing. Not only were there physical changes in the city, but there were also other changes occurring during the second half of the 19th century that had been brought up from the growth in the city. A major change that occurred and affected Boston to get up and go was industrialization and immigration. British Isles were the men who kept coming to Boston in big numbers in the 19th century. When 1875 came along there were sixty thousand Irish men living in Boston from immigration. The Irish men and their children were almost half of Boston’s population even though the city was already growing rapidly. When Irish immigration wasn’t happening as quickly, they were taken over from other immigrants. In 1890 the Jews and Italians became a major part of the population as well. During the 50 years of immigration in the 19th century, the era brought a unique kind of life. In the 1850’s Boston was barley a two-mile radius; it was normal to see movement from people’s feet and communication face to face, because there was no...

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Warner, Sam B. Jr. “Streetcar Suburbs: The Process of Growth in Boston, 1870-1900.” Harvard University Press and the M.I.T. Press. Cambridge Massachusetts: 1962. Web. 9 Feb. 2014.
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