Bose : Competing by being truly different

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Bose : Competing by Being Truly Different

1. Based on the business philosophies of Amar Bose, how do you think the Bose

Corporation goes about analyzing its competition?

The Bose corporation is well aware of its competitors and watches what

they do very closely, that being said this is not the corporations main

focus. Bose analyzes its competition at a distance. They want to compete with

the best product available so they create the best product available. They do this

through extensive research and development, spearheaded by its founder Amar

Bose. Amar Bose's vision is what drives this business model and by doing so

creating a tremendous competitive advantage for Bose. For this reason Bose

would most likely analyze what products their competitors do not offer and create

it, rather then taking something they do offer and and improving it. They are more

likely to start from scratch and innovate a brand new idea., this is the Bose

framework that gives them their competitive advantage to begin with.

2. Which of the three approaches to marketing strategy best describe Bose's


When looking at the three approaches to marketing strategy

(Entrepreneurial, formulated and Intreprenurial). Bose uses an Entrepreneurial

and Intreprenurial approach. How Bose uses an Entreprenurial approach is how

Amar Bose visualized the opportunity And attacked. He followed a vision that

built a strong connection with their customers. Bose did this without spending

loads of money on advertising and marketing. Bose focuses on product research

and innovation to satisfy the customer. This innovation and reliability of great

products create a connection with customers and customer loyalty. Bose in

addition uses some what of an Intreprenurial marketing approach by never losing

the passion and creativity the built Bose to begin with. Always trying new

approaches and always giving more value to their customers.

3. Using Michael Porter and Treacy and Wieserma frameworks presented in the

text, which basic competitive marketing strategies does Bose pursue?

In terms of basic marketing strategies suggested my Michael Porter (Overall-

Cost Leadership, Differentiation and Focus strategies) Bose uses a differentiation

strategy. On Bose's website in their "Our Philosophy" section it states "Research

fuels technology and superior technology leads to superior performance". This in

essence differentiates. The difference is that they are more interested in research

and the product rather then marketing research.

Using Treacy and Wiserma's customer centric classifications (Operational

Excellence, Customer Intimacy and Product Leadership) it is clear that Bose

uses a product leadership strategy. They do so by offering superior value and

always having cutting edge products available. Although product leadership is

the classification I would choose for Bose, Bose does not focus on getting their

products to market quickly. They get products to market when ready. They are

more interested in innovation rather then when the product gets to the market.

4. What is Bose's competitive position in its industry? Do its marketing strategies

match this position?

Bose currently has 30% market share which clearly puts them in a market leader

position. Although they are not the number one market leader, they are in close

proximity. Even though Bose is in a market leader position they use both market

leader and market follower strategies. For exams, the large market share Bose

acquires, their implementation of new product introductions. In addition the fact

that their competitors are trying to imitate or challenge them keeps them in a

leader position. They are also always...
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