Topics: Just-in-time compilation, Bose Corporation Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: November 14, 2014
1. How do Bose's history, strategy, and sourcing policies affect supplier relations? Is Bose a good buyer? What seems to distinguish Bose from other electronics companies are the passion that it has for the sound quality of music and the determination to deliver superior products that can accurately reproduce those sounds. From the company’s very start, its first employees were lovers of music that strived on the technical side of the business to deliver portable and high-quality products for enjoying their favorite hobby. This mindset also seemed to produce accountability within the firm; Bose took it upon itself to solely deliver these products independently of what other suppliers and manufacturers were currently doing. This mindset can also be observed within the company’s strategy and sourcing relationship. One aspect of the Bose strategy, in addition to market expansion, is the addition of components that could complement its products. Bose seems to rise to the occasion and take the responsibility of delivering high-quality audio by producing other parts that are included in a stereo system. In the area of supplier relations, it appears that Bose prefers to be self-reliant. The company’s main concerns are the congruence of priorities and agendas between itself and its suppliers and whether the suppliers can grasp the needs of its organization. Bose truly seems to put its passion before its business and questions whether or not businesses conduct themselves with the same mantra. With these concerns, suppliers may not perceive Bose to be a good buyer. They may find it very difficult to foster a strong business relationship with a company that fears its true needs are never fully understood or met. Suppliers may also be weary of a company that prefers to be self-reliant since it may foreshadow a weak or stunted relationship. Self-reliant buyers may form inconsistent relationships where supplies are not needed on a regular basis, or even worse, this company...
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