Bosch Total Quality Management

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SUBJECT: Total Quality Management
TERM/SCHOOL YEAR: 3RD Trimester, School Year 2012-2013
COURSE REQUIREMENT: TQM at Bosch Philippines
FACULTY: Dr. Esmeraldo D. Dimaculangan, Jr.
SUBMITTED BY:Asnia Bayabao
Bernadeth Cruz
Regineth Van Mino
DATE SUBMITTED: April 19, 2013


        First of all, we are very grateful to the Almighty God - for bearing us the knowledge and wisdom that has been used throughout the project. May the product of our efforts justify the gift that the Almighty God has bestowed upon them. We are sincerely expressed our gratitude to all Bosch Philippines departments’ managers and employees who shared their knowledge about the company and time interviewing them.            Last but definitely not the least; we would like to express our appreciation, to the ones who have rendered unconditional support and love to us:  our family. Our family from whom we got the motivation and inspiration to never give up and give the best of our efforts. Through this project, may our efforts reach our parents and reflect our indebtedness for our sacrifices. 

I. Introduction
In a span of time, Bosch has emerged into a successful business to what it is today. It has continuously improved the quality of service. Of course, customers’ complaints are inevitable in every organization. Three (3) complaints out of one hundred products sold to customers are caused by some product defects, its expensive price, customers’ attitudes (arte), order delivery and some rare safety concern of its users. To initiate quality programs to better meet customers’ requirements, Bosch should have its own quality control in the Philippines to avoid some product defects and user’s accidents due of using Bosch’ products. The company should come up with Customer Relationship Management system to build understanding between them and the customer that expensive price of their product is no issue when it comes to product quality and of customer satisfaction.

II. Objectives of the Study
a. Study the quality initiatives of Bosch to better meet their customers’ needs and requirements b. Compare Bosch’s quality programs with existing literature c. Identify Areas of strengths and areas for development on Bosch’s quality initiatives; and d. Recommend specific programs to improve total quality management at Bosch

III. Quality Assurance at Bosch
“Selling the best of the best” and I rather lose money than trust” were the mottos of person behind the success of Bosch, Robert Bosch. Since its establishment, the company continues to create value to customers and practice Robert Bosch’s principle of total quality, “success was based on the trust of business partners and product quality. Bosch was created on 1932, located in Germany and in 140 countries in the world and the innovator and pioneer of powertools in the world. Their products includes: Automotive Aftermarket, Powertools, Security Systems and Thermotechnology.

Customer and Stakeholder Focus
Bosch established their Training Center to value their customers, dealers and contractors through educating them about their products and its proper use to avoid accidents when using their products for free. They even collaborate with educational institutions like TESDA, universities and colleges to be more accessible and convenient to interested trainee. Bosch encourage their customers to bring their purchased products at their Service center every three (3) months for maintenance and check-up processed by a qualified technician which are still covered of a six-month warranty for power tools and one-year warranty for measuring tools. To bring their products into the understanding of people who are unfamiliar with their products, Bosch use trade developer in different regions in the country to look for potential customers that will be...
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