Borth Coastal Defences

Topics: Coastal geography, Tide, Beach Pages: 4 (1102 words) Published: April 25, 2014
Borth Case Study
“Borth is a valuable seaside town and its protection from coastal processes and flooding should be continued.” What are the human and physical interests at Borth?
There are many human and physical interests at Borth. Borth has a sandy beach and is a popular holiday seaside resort. There is a youth hostel in the village and caravan and camping sites. It is also the location of the Borth Animalarium. The wide beaches, attractive scenery and access to water make this a very popular and important holiday destination. Much of the local economy is based on tourism, therefore it is important that it’s protection from coastal processes and flooding should be continued, because if its protection is stopped Borth will suffer the effects of coastal erosion and frequent flooding, which will damage the tourism industry in the area as shops and attractions will be damaged in floods or swept out into the sea by coastal erosion, which would be very detrimental as tourism is one of the main industries in the area and many of the local people rely on tourism as their income. Some of the physical interests at Borth include Cors Fochno, a raised peat mire which is part of the only UNESCO biosphere reserve in Wales. It is the most intact lowland raised bog in Europe and we can tell its national, European and international importance for conservation from its multiple designations such as Special Area of Conservation, Special Protection Area, Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, National Nature Reserve and Site of Specific Scientific Interest. Also an ancient submerged forest is visible at low tide along the beach, where stumps of oak, pine, birch, willow and hazel can be seen. Also the Ynyslas sand dunes are part of the Dyfi National Reserve which is one of the only 234 national nature reserves in the UK. It is important that protection from coastal processes and flooding is continued otherwise all these unique and interesting physical features will be taken by the sea....
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