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Tadeusz Borowski was born in Zhitomir, Russia in 1992. He was born and raised from a Polish family. He was exiled when he was four years old to a cruel labor camp in the Arctic Circle. Four years after this happened, he found out that his mother was sent off to Siberia, so he was raised by his aunt after this happened. However, his family was later reunited in Warsaw. Tadeusz Borowski continued to further his education in private during World War II. He worked with several underground presses, and he later published his first poem while he had the time to. Borowski was later trapped by the Gestapo when looking for his fiancée, and they both were shipped off to Auschwitz in 1943 of April, and because neither one of them were Jewish, they were both candidates for the gas chamber. Borowski explains his experiences from the gas chambers in his story, This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Taduesz Borowski later sided to Communist journalism, even though it is not clear why he decided to side with the state and not his hidden talents. In his story, Borowski explains the difficult times he went through with the gas chambers, and he explains in great detail how he never has fully recovered from being trapped in Auschwitz.

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“Borrowski’s confessional mode conceals as much as it reveals, drawing the reader into a complicity with events along with the narrator, who finds his detachment foiled by the episodes he describes. Staying alive in Auschwitz sabotaged the moral codes that allowed the victims and, through a kind of imaginative osmosis, the readers of these tales to distance themselves from its evil.” (Borrowski 342)

“We line up. Someone has marked down our numbers, someone up ahead yells, ‘March, march,’ and now we are running towards the gate, accompanied by the shouts of a multilingual throng that is already being pushed back to the barracks.” (Borrowski 345) He explains a lot with great detail what their every day routine was like, and...

Cited: Art from the Ashes: A Holocaust Anthology. Lawrence L. Langer, ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 1995
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