Boroque Music

Topics: Baroque music, Music, Johann Sebastian Bach Pages: 3 (782 words) Published: November 9, 2008
The Baroque period of music starts in the seventeenth century. The Baroque style of music lasted to the middle of the eighteenth century. The music shifted from the Renaissance style because the artists during the early Baroque period wanted to express their selves more. The Baroque period produced some recognizable names in music history: Claudio Monteverdi, George Frideric Handel, Antonio Vivaldi, and Johann Sebastian Bach.

Claudio Monteverdi an Italian composer born in 1567. He dies in 1603. Monteverdi believed that there were two practices to music: first and second. The first practice of music was that of the late Renaissance. The second style of music was introduced by Monteverdi, the Baroque style. The second practice music had three main characteristics: text dominating words, secular songs, and homophonic texture. This second practice included homophonic expression; a homophonic expression is “a melody in one voice supported by harmony in others” (Ferris 119). Monteverdi used the more dramatic and more expressive music to write “opera-type” dramas. “Tu se’ morta”, composed in 1605, is music piece from a larger work called L’Orfeo. L’Ofreo is named after the main character, Ofreo, in the drama. Tu se’ morta translated from Italian means Thou art perished. The piece sets a great example of the second practice of music, for all three characteristics of second practice music fall into the work. The genre of the particular piece is recitative, so the texture is homophonic. The from is a free Landrum 2

form because of the flexibility singing the text. Moreover, the rhythm is also flexible because of the spoken text. The song uses both the major and minor scales, so the harmony is a tonal harmony; even so, the piece does give sharp changes in pitch. These changes are only to express the misery in the plot. The tempo is slow due to the fact that the man is morning. The piece is overall intended to be sung dramatically, so there is...
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