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Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes Writing Assignment 1

Choose ONE character we have met so far in the novel.

For the character do the following:
a) Background information- descriptively write about your character i. Use at least 3 examples from the book
b) Discuss one aspect of your character- home life, internal conflict(s), life-changing events, etc. i. Use at least 2 examples from the book

c) Choose ONE of your Sentence Starters and do the following: i. Apply to your character- fully discuss
ii. Included your opinions about the situation C is a SECOND PARAGRAPH.

A, B and C should be at least a page long

Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes Writing Assignment 2

Critical Lens

“A story must be exceptional enough to justify its telling; it must have something more unusual to relate than the ordinary experience of every average man and woman.” –Thomas Hardy

For the above statement, you must first interpret it into your own words:

Now, agree or disagree with it, as it relates to Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes.

List TWO reasons why this statement is either TRUE or FALSE.

Reason 1:

Reason 2:

Now, for each REASON, think of literary terms that you can discuss that relate. (this will be done together)

Reason 1:

Reason 2:


Hook (optional)
Introduce the lens
Interpret in your own words
Agree or Disagree and explain Why

Body 1-
Reason 1 (introduce it and mention your
Give background of the novel (setting, protagonist, etc.) Discuss your literary elements
Closing Sentence

Body 2-
Reason 2
Discuss your literary elements
Closing Sentence

Think about the lens, and what you just proved...
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