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Born this way

By carolinadiaz94 Nov 02, 2014 801 Words

Born this way
Everyone has a gender; it is a thing that affects pretty much everything in our lives. It affects how we look and act every day. Today, gender is defined as the genetic and physical sexuality that we have at birth. Transgenderism is a loss of identity, their self-gender identity is different from the one they had at birth. There are millions of people out there, which are walking around without an identity. This is a serious concern because loss of identity comes with life-threating behaviors, anxiety, depression, discrimination, bullying, between others. Also this problem has to be solved so these people don’t suffer anymore. Transgender people are dealing with many problems. According to the research on transgender youth and life-threatening behaviors, transgender youth would have a higher risk is attempting life-threating behaviors than normal youth. Also, “ Depression has been reported to affect 16.6% of the total population, and combined anxiety disorders affect 28.8% of the United States population” CITATION Kes05 \l 1033 (Kessler). Transgender people are a sexual minority, they are being discriminated and bullied every day of their lives, and this is what causes suicidal behavior among them. One of the downfalls of transgender people is how they are not being recognized in society. Most people in this world are afraid to something that is completely different to them. They are used what is called “normal” and when something is not the way they think it is, they freak out and do things to make these different things go away. Bullying is one of those things that people like to do to push different people away, in this case transgender people are being molested in high schools, colleges and even by their parents. When someone is being bullied, there is going to be a point where they can’t handle it anymore and eventually they will explode and recurred to bad ways to solve the situation. Trans genders have a high risk factor of suicide because of this. “ Fifty-five transgender youth reported on their life-threating behaviors. Nearly half of the sample reported having serious thoughts about taking their lives and one quarter reported suicide attempts. Factor significantly related to having a suicidal attempt included, transgender identity, physical abuse, parental abuse and bullying” CITATION GRO07 \l 1033 (AH). People don’t realize that we are all the same, and when they try to hurt someone that is vulnerable, they will get to them. To solve this serious problem and to improve how society thinks, the definition of gender should be redefined and include transgender people in it. Everyone should have the same rights; we should all be treated equally, in the same way. Just because someone is different, doesn’t mean they are bad. No one should be discriminated just because of the way the look or act and to prevent this to keep going on, parents need to teach their children since they are young to not discriminate anyone. Schools, colleges and even the government have a big influence in this, they need to promote non-discriminatory laws. They have to be more strict about bullying, because it is not okay at all. Everyone has to help promote that is okay to be different and that it is not okay to be small minded. Everyone has to open their minds to new things and new people. Neither trans genders, or transsexuals or anyone should be suffering for being different. The transgender society is facing many problems around society, is not easy for them to be what they are. Many of them have decided to take their lives away and some of them are thinking about it because of what other people say or do to them. This should not be happening because life is a gift and we are not here to criticize, we are here to grow as a person and help other people grow as a person as well, no matter what they are.

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