Born Confused

Topics: American-Born Confused Desi, Disc jockey, Nightclub Pages: 4 (1300 words) Published: October 26, 2005
Emily BuettemeierAuthor: Tanuja Desai Hidier
Humanities IITitle: Born Confused
Period 2Genre: novel
1-20-05Pages: 500 – first quarter

Born Confused is a coming of age story of Dimple, an American-born Indian girl. During the summer before her senior year of high school, Dimple's parents decide it is time for her to find a "suitable Indian boy" to marry. Dimple's mother chooses for her daughter, Karsh, the son of her best friend. Karsh acts the part of the perfect Indian gentleman, which of course turns off Dimple. The first turning-point occurs when Dimple finds out that Karsh is the DJ at a dance club on the NYU campus. Suddenly Karsh, the DJ, seems much more appealing than Karsh, the suitable Indian boy. Unfortunately, Dimple's best friend, Gwyn, also finds Karsh to be appealing. A crisis occurs when Gwyn and Karsh form a friendship based on their mutual interest (learning to be a DJ) and exclude Dimple. When Dimple confronts Gwyn and accuses her of stealing her boyfriend, Gwyn breaks off their friendship. Dimple finds life difficult without her best friend and initiates a conversation with Gwyn. Gwyn then reveals that she and Karsh have broken up. This news frees Dimple to reveal her true feelings to Karsh. The resolution occurs at the dance club where Dimple was first attracted to Karsh.

Most of the story takes place in New Jersey and Manhattan. The atmosphere is laden with teenage angst. Initially the tension is between Dimple and her parents, but then shifts to tension between Dimple and Gwyn. Through it all, Karsh is the center of the conflict, without even doing anything to initiate the conflict. The Indian culture of her parents contrasts sharply with the setting of university club life. I believe the author choose this setting because she is familiar with the geographical location and it reflects her personal experience.

Form, Structure
This story is told in the...
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