Born at Midnight Summary

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Summary of Born at Midnight
Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter is a fantasy novel. Sixteen years old Kylie Galen has trouble accepting who she is and throughout the novel tries finding who she is as well as what she is. She wants to believe she is just a normal teenager without paranormal powers because her powers are still unknown. Not only does she not accept herself, she also has difficulty in accepting others for who they are. She is a quiet, shy girl who transforms and finds the courage to stand up for herself.

Kylie Galen was caught at a party that had drugs and was taken to the police station. Kylie’s mother (a.k.a the Ice Queen as Kylie calls her) thought Kylie was being rebellious because of the divorce she was going through with Kylie’s father. To keep Kylie’s mind off of things, the Ice Queen sends her to a summer camp in the woods called Shadow Falls for “troubled” teens. Kylie soon discovers that these “troubled” teens are actually paranormal. This camp is meant to train supernaturals (shape shifters, witches, vampires, werewolves, fairies) on how to use and control their powers. The camp counselor really believes Kylie possesses a power, but Kylie refuses to believe this- even after she is frequently visited by a ghost dressed in army clothes.

Kylie meets her cabin roommates, Della and Miranda. Della is a vampire and Miranda is a witch. At first Kylie is freaked out and only accepts Miranda for who she is because she blends in easier with normality. Kylie is afraid of Della and is constantly worrying that Della will drink her blood. She subconsciously separates the vampire Della from the human Della. When she realizes she has done this, she finally accepts Della for who she is and is no longer afraid.

Kylie is once again approached by the ghost in army clothes and he tries to tell her something. After being visited by this ghost several times, Kylie becomes less afraid and gains the courage to talk to him. He shows her how...
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