Bore Out And Burn Out

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Bore-Out and Burn-Out
The desease of the modern workforce

 Introduction
 Role-Play
 Theory
 Bore-Out
 Burn-Out

 Tips and Tricks


For years, it was always just about the burnout - the excessive demands. Now it has been recognized that even under load,
called bore out, can make you sick. The bore out syndrome is primarily a phenomenon of the service economy.
A craftsman can not pretend that he would work. In professions where you have to deliver results bore out hardly occurs. In administrations and agencies by contrast the ordered boredom is common. According to one poll, only 15% feel the people

who work in the office, her work as satisfactory. 69% work on the principle duty. You do only what is absolutely necessary. They pretend to work.

Theory Bore-Out

The bore out is the opposite of burnout. It consists of the following elements:
It describes the feeling of being able to do more than what is required of one.
This is about listlessness and helplessness, because you do not know what on heaven sake you should do.

Theory Burn-Out
 Psychologial Term:
 Long term exhaustion nd diminished interest in
 State of vital exhaustion
 Problems relted to life-management difficulty

 Not a disorder

Theory Burn-Out
 Negative outcomes
 Job function (performance, output etc.)
 Health related (increas in stress hormones,
coronary heat desease, circulatory outcomes)
 Mental health (depression)

Theory Burn-Out
 Phases:

Compulsion to prove oneself
Working harder
Neglecting their needs
Displacement of conflicts
Revisions of values
Denial of emerging problems
Obvious behaviorr changes
Inner emptiness
Burn-Out syndromes

Tips and Tricks Bore-Out
Ask yourself the following questions:
Do I interested in what I do?
The important thing is to increase your satisfaction. If you are not interested in your work, then you ask yourself why? Have you studied because alternatives were missing? because the
parents did it? Try to correct wrong decisions.
Further education?
Ideally, with the support of the employer you would do that. This opens new perspectives in your workplace and
incidentally increases the chance for a new job opportunity.

Tips and Tricks Bore-Out
Do I speak with my boss?
This is the best thing to do. once it becomes clear the underuse. Later this can result in unpleasant question: What have you been doing all this time? Do I discover meaning in work?
Is not always as obvious as in the care sector, but surely you also contribute to the success of your enterprise. Talk to colleagues as friends about it. Am I working on my attitude?
You do not grumble to yourself, that does not change. Only those who are present and positive thinking will bring out the optimum.
Should I resign?
If you do not know what to do out of sheer boredom, then it is better to terminate as long as you can afford.

Tips and Tricks Burn-Out
 Disconection between the organization and
the individuals work life


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