Border Security in the State of Texas

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Border Security in the State of Texas


August 30th, 2010

Border Security in the State of Texas
A problem is brewing at the southern Texas borders and it appears to be growing bigger by the minute. The acceleration of people, weapons, and drugs from Mexico are taking a toll on the economy, citizens, and the job markets in Texas. Texas concerns with the rise of violent crimes presently pouring into its southern towns and quickly moving inland believes something needs to be done quickly. The state of Texas has given millions of dollars in an attempt to subsidize and support the security forces patrolling the borders of the southern regions of Texas to no avail. As the frustration grows government and interest groups begin to assemble to iron out policies that will counteract the activities at the borders. In addition, Gov. Perry has created a Ranger Recon Team, supported by the Highway Patrol, DPS Aviation, and Texas Rangers. The Texas central region, focal point is on enterprises that harbor criminal activity, terrorism, organized crime, and violence. Gov. Perry wants Washington to step in and do their jobs to protect the borders and give 1,000 National Guardsmen to the borders (Office of the Governor Rick Perry, n.d.). However, the special interest groups like Federation for American Immigration Reform, Immigration Works USA, The National Council of LaRaza and the National Immigration forum are pro immigration reform. These special interest groups believe illegal immigrants have rights and support amnesty for these illegals. The special interest fighting for amnesty believe the issues concerning, not knowing who is entering the country, why are they entering, what are they doing after entering, and when are they leaving, believes a plan of legalization for undocumented immigrants could be the solution for these growing questions. Whereas, the U.S. Border Watch, a citizens’ action group determined to bring about security on...

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