Border Security
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S3tel Inc | Border Security –Integrated Intelligence | Perspective Document | | Ramesh Sivaraman | 12/18/2012 |

This document provides an overview of the Border security solution from S3tel Inc. Briefly presenting the functionality and elements Involved. For more details , kindly contact |

1.0 Introduction

Border Security remains a key security challenge for many countries which share long boundaries with adjacent countries and it further gets complicated when the neighboring countries are in trouble or hostile in nature.
Covering a Wide and diverse terrain with various surveillance sensors combined with manned or unmanned border sentries has never been that successful in identifying the threats and mitigating them on time.
S3tel Inc. leader in Homeland Security and National Defense has studied various cases of unsuccessful deployment or cumbersome installations and developed a deep understanding of how this challenge can be addressed.
Before the Solution was architected, consensus were arrived on the following
Successful Border security System should have …. * Interoperability of all the elements of the Border protection system * Provide Operational capability that covers the complete life cycle of threat that includes detection, identification, classification and operational management for follow-up and resolution * Situational Awareness for the Decision makers * Actionable Intelligence as Decision support system * Simple and user-friendly, Ease of use Application that provides only relevant information * In nutshell : Instant detection and Rapid Response Based on the above strong fundamentals, S3tel has developed Intell(i) a command and control application that meets the needs of border security agencies.
The application provides a complete Incident management life cycle with addition of sub modules it will increase the probability of detection , reduce the false positives and

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