Border Patrol Paper

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Border Patrol
Protecting the nation’s borders from the illegal entry of people, weapons, drugs, and contraband is extremely important to homeland security. The U.S. Border Patrol plays an essential role in securing the border between the United States and Mexico with 90% of their resources defending this one border. The issue of illegal smuggling is not new to the United States-Mexico border, or to law enforcement agencies. The occurrence continues to increase while smugglers adjust to law enforcement tactics. Even after the security efforts of the Bush Administration and the United States Department of Homeland Security, the problem of illegal border crossing activity continues to worsen. This particular article entitled “Modeling the U.S. Border Patrol Tucson Sector for the Deployment and Operations of Border Security Forces,” written by Karina J. Ordóñez describes and identifies the important dimensions of the United States border patrol operations in the weakest section of the border.

The border between the United States of America and Mexico is about 2,000 miles long and 43% of illegal crossings are happening within a 262-mile stretch of the Arizona-Sonora border, which is a section of the world’s busiest international boundaries and the weakest section of the border. The border patrol believes that this section of the border is the worst because there are insufficient resources and approximately three million people live around the border and it keeps growing.

The border patrol wanted to disrupt the organized smuggling rings by forcing them to frequently move from one place to another. This strategy comes from the practices of community oriented policing known as the hot spot theory. Hot spots are areas where crime and disorder are higher and have higher victimization. When law enforcement pressure is applied to these hot spots and crime begins to diminish criminals will move to a less...

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