Border Patrol

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Border Patrol
On September 11, 2001 lives of U.S citizens were changed forever. Not only have the U. S. troops been in war against the Taliban for 11 years, but even for everyday civilian’s travel methods now require more security. Another change was the government who added a special department in the cabinet that is for stopping terrorism and threats that could harm or hurt United States citizens. One of the twenty-two agencies in the Department Of Homeland Security is the Border Patrol agency (Wilson 10). The amount of agents, air force, and technology has changed the U.S. Border Patrol for the better since the making of the Homeland Security in 2002 (Wilson 1).

George W. Bush first introduced Homeland Security nine days after seven eleven which was September eighteenth, 2001 (Wilson 1). This was when Bush addressed congress over what happened and discussed what he was going to do in response. In January of 2002 the republicans in congress presented the bill to create the department. Ten months later in November 2002, the House of Representatives accepted the bill to create the department of Homeland Security (Wilson 3). This creation of the department was the largest change in the U.S. cabinet since the department of defense was made in nineteen forty-seven (Imell 7).

The first secretary of homeland security was Tom Ridge. Tom Ridge left in two thousand and four after a lawsuit was filed against him. The lawsuit was submitted by an immigrant who said he was tortured after being deported. There has been three other secretaries of the Homeland Security (Wilson 5). The secretary after Tom Ridge was James M. Loy, who only served for fourteen days to allow the government time to find a new secretary to replace Ridge. The secretary that came in after Loy was Michael Chertoff who was a Former Judge in the Appellate courts. In two thousand nine Chertoff left and in came Janet Napolitano who has been serving as secretary to this day (Wilson 8).

In Homeland...

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