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Well Boracay is well known of the color of the sand. The color of the sand match with the water and the sky cause, the color of the sand is white. Even scientist can’t believe the color of the sand of Boracay so the owner of the resort had a rule that “no one is allowed to take sand in the resort”. Many tourist were amazed with the great combination of the sand in the beach, so many people even celebrities in or out of the country visited Boracay for a nice relaxing day when its summer. (is located at  Aklan province 345 kms. South of Manila)

Bakhawan Eco-Park

A multi-awarded and recipient of the Golden Eagle Award mangrove reforestation project boasts of an exceptional nature thrill for eco tourists and visitors. The 80+ hectare eco-park features a small park and recreational area and a 15-mintue eco-walk built from bamboos stretching through the mangrov3es and out to a beach where one can enjoy a picnic with nature. (at Calibo, Aklan)

Sampaguita Garden Resort and Spa

    Found at New Washington, Aklan, this man-made tourist spot is a a resort hotel with restaurants, convention center, butterfly farm, and swimming pools managed by Sam Butcher, artist-owner of the globally well-known Precious Moments dolls and decors.

(at washington district kalibo aklan)

Ambueong (pronounced as am-bu-gong), is a kind of suman that is made from palm tree with coconut milk, sugar and wrap in banana leaves. It’s very easy to make but will only last for 24 hours. Latik on the other hand, is a suman with sweets placed on top. It is made up of coconut milk, sticky rice, kalamay and a local ingredient called gawud.

(traditional food of Aklan)
Ati-Atihan festival
Celebrated all over the towns of Aklan, this is a week long celebration in honor of the Patron Saint Sto. Nino, which culminates on the 3rd Sunday of January. It is the ultimate jubilating, titillating, stimulating, riotous, and frenetic aboriginal street dancing to the early...
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