Boots Case Study

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Bethan Katie Dooley
Principles of Promotion
Learning outcome 3
Tutor: Joan Black

1. Media advertising is a paid for communication that uses the mass media and comes from an identifiable source, media advertising is commonly used as part of a bigger running promotional campaign, this type of media can be very expensive therefore before an organisation commits to making a TV commercial they should carry out market research on such things such as on potential customers and what their tv watching habits are, by carry out this research it will help to make the campaign as successful as possible by reaching its desired/selected audience at their prime TV watching times.

There are several types of media advertising that a company may use to promote their products or services to a consumer market. Boots pharmacy uses 3 main types of media advertising to connect with potential customers. They do this through advertising in Magazines, boots have their own issue of magazine featuring goods on which they have on offer they also advertise in other big leading brands of magazines, covering promotional offers, usually over one whole page of a magazine with minimal writing. Magazine advertising has some good advantages for Boots, it allows Boots to advertise specific products to a target market, such as anti wrinkle creams can be advertised in an older woman's magazine, whereas younger brands of make-up can be featured in magazines more aimed at a younger market. Another type of media that Boots use is television commercials, tv commercials can be very successful if done correctly, commercials reach a wide audience which is ideal for Boots, as they have products to suit most needs from young new born children to the older generation. Products can also be demonstrated in use, as well as users of products can give their feedback ( very common on makeup commercials, usually has a percentage of customers who would recommend the product.)...
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