Boot Camps

Topics: United States Marine Corps, United States, Crime Pages: 4 (1166 words) Published: March 5, 2002
Boot Camps: An Idea Whose Time Came and Went

Five years ago, responding to an increase in serious juvenile crime, the state of Maryland initiated one of the nation's largest boot camp programs for teenage criminals. The program, called the Leadership Challenge, quickly became the model for other states. But last week, after reviewing a task force report that documented instances of physical abuse at their camps, Maryland officials appeared on the verge of conceding that the current initiative was a failure.

Military-style discipline may work as punishment at juvenile boot camps, but it has not been effective as rehabilitation.

The Maryland experience, together with problems in other states, has already led some states to close their boot camps and even to rethink how their penal laws treat young offenders. All in all, it is a remarkable turn of events for an idea that was once greeted as a breakthrough in the fight against juvenile crime

There is increasing evidence that boot camps never worked. A national study last year by the Koch Crime Institute, a public policy group in Topeka, Kan., showed that recidivism among boot camp attendees ranged from 64 percent to 75 percent, slightly higher than for youths sentenced to adult prisons.

Gerald Wells, a senior research associate at the Koch Institute, said of the report, "The shocking parts are the allegations of abuse, but the more alarming parts are the failures."

Research has also shown, according to Mr. Wells and other penal justice experts, that these camps were grounded in a false and unexamined assumption.

"People thought boot camps shaped up a lot of servicemen during three wars," Mr. Wells added. "But just because you place someone in a highly structured environment with discipline, does not mean once they get home, and are out of that, they will be model citizens."

Boot camps have their roots in the 1970's, with the advent of large, well-organized and extremely violent street...
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