Boot Camps

Topics: Time, Present, Human Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Alba Mejia
Humanities -1; Delano
March 12, 2012

One lives in a prison that is unknown to the common eye. In The Matrix as well as in the Allegory of the cave, state a similar meaning of one living in a world with a greater truth. Both The Allegory by Plato and the Matrix, speake and argue about a prison, a prison within our life and our world that one does not know of. Similarities are drawn between both the story and the movie. It gives one an idea of what Plato stated in his philosophical allegory in a more modern time, compare to the year Plato wrote the allegory.

Both stories are common in the way they describe two worlds that humans are not aware of. The Matrix uses the Allegory of the cave as an outline of what the movie is based on. In the movie one can see characters from Platos Allegory; each of the characters implies what Plato’s was trying to signify in the Allegory. It states that the main character is released into the real world and experiences what life really is beyond his mind as well as the allegory. The movie gives the idea that Plato gave, as well by using the characters, each symbolic something in a more futuristic way.

The allegory is based on human life during Plato’s era, and the Matrix is based on present time. The Matrix explains the Allegory in a more present time using not a cave but the world and using the real world as a technology and computerize world. The Matrix can be use to understand a philosophy statement that was given by Plato’s Allegory. It gives greater detail and a clear understanding to the Allegory. Both are an eye opening to ignorance, and both have a prisoner who sees what the real world is and how the world one thought was real it was all but an illusion or just a cave with puppetries. Modern or ancient the matrix can closely relate and have the same meaning as the allegory. The Matrix is modern scripture of the Allegory of the cave is a more detailed movie with a modern vision of the Allegory.
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